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01. märts 2012 9:54
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Amateur Rally Baltic Cup 2012 general regulations

1. Name of the series:

Autoekspert Amateur Rally Baltic Cup 2012 (ARBC)

2. Regulations

This amateur rally cup is organized according to these regulations and supplementary regulations of the all included events.
Each event is organized according to the organizing countries national general regulations.* (* - Amateur rally general regulations in Estonia, rallysprint general regulations in Latvia.)
Supplementary regulations for each event are to be decided by the event.

3. Organizers

Rapla Kardirada
Igaühe Terviseklubi
Liepajas Rallija Komanda

4. Events

Autoekspert Amateur Rally Baltic Cup 2012 consists following rallies in the calendar below:
March 10, 2012 - Kesk-Eesti / Keava (amateur rally), Estonia
June 2, 2012 - Lääne-Eesti / Noarootsi (amateur rally), Estonia
August 24-25, 2012 - Kurzeme / Liepaja (rally/rallysprint), Latvia

5. Eligible Competitors

The amateur rally cup is open for all drivers with valid national license from the North European Zone countries and international license owners from other ASN’s if national federation of organizing country confirms participation of the competitor in their rally.

6. Eligible Cars

The competition is open for M1 and N1 category vehicles (standard cars), which have road insurance and legal technical inspection.
Tire regulations are according to the organizers supplementary regulations.

7. Entries, participation fees

Entries to the Autoekspert Amateur Rally Baltic Cup must be send to organizer according to supplementary regulations only once before crew (pilot and co-driver) first ARBC event. Entry fee for all series is 100 EUR. Competitor must pay entry fee only once before his first event. Autoekspert Amateur Rally Baltic Cup participation fee shall not exempt the event of entry fee payment.

8. Results in the individual events

Separate results will be made up, dividing the competitors in the following groups:
group 1: 4WD (4WD road cars)
group 2: 2WD (2WD road cars)
group 3: SU (2WD road rear wheel drive cars produced in Soviet Union)

Points scale for the groups in individual events is:
1 place - 25 points; 2 - 18; 3 - 15; 4 - 12; 5 - 10; 6 - 8; 7 - 6; 8 - 4; 9 - 2; 10 - 1
Note: rallies completed, but outside the points, are written as 0.

9. Overall results

For overall result all competitors could count their results from 2 events (3-1). The worst-case points deducted. If two or more drivers have equal points, their positions are fixed according to the quality of their finishes. Under this system one first place is better than any number of second places, one second place is better than any number of third places. If this still does not split the result, than the competitor, who got the better result on the first participiated event, will be preferred.

10. Prize giving ceremony and prizes

Best three crews of each group in the ARBC will be awarded with the cups and diplomas.
The competition is open for extra prizes.
Time and place of prize giving ceremony will be announced in bulletin after 2nd event.

11. Details of ARBC event's organizers

Rapla Kardirada, Tiit Soa, tel +372 55 646 392; e-mail tiitsoa@hot.ee
Igaühe Terviseklubi, Kalle Kruusma, tel +372 52 92 642; e-mail kallekruusma@hot.ee
Liepajas Rallija Komanda, Uldis Hmielevskis, tel +371 29 440 526; e-mail uldis@liepajasrallijs.lv

12. Autoekspert Amateur Rally Baltic Cup official website www.rally.ee

For further information contact: info@rally.ee
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